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The top 5 portable ultrasound machines: The best portable ultrasound machines will perform as well or at close to the level of a console based ultrasound system with very little markup to price. Portable ultrasound machines can be categorized into to catagories; plug-ins, and battery-powered. The first portables all needed to be plugged in for power, and lower-cost portables continue this format. The newer battery-powered portable ultrasound machines are usually smaller, lighter, and laptop shaped with the trade off being a higher price.

#1 GE Logiq e
      The Logiq e is a flexible, shared service portable with 7 probe choices.
      4 Ease of use    4 Image quality    4 Price to Power    4 Flexibility    3 Feature depth

#2 Sonosite M-turbo
      The M-turbo is a smaller, lighter shared service portable with 10 probe choices.
      4 Ease of use    4 Image quality    3 Price to Power    4 Flexibility    4 Feature depth

#3 Philips CX50
      The CX50 is the easiest to use OB/Vascular portable with 5 probe choices.
      5 Ease of use    4 Image quality    2 Price to Power    3 Flexibility    4 Feature depth

#4 GE Vivid i
      The best cardio-vascular portable with 11 probe choices including 2 TEE probes.
      4 Ease of use    4 Image quality    3 Price to Power    3 Flexibility    4 Feature depth

#5 Sonosite Titan
     The lowest cost, smallest, lightest shared service portable with 9 probe choices.
      4 Ease of use    3 Image quality    4 Price to Power    2 Flexibility    1 Feature depth

top 5 Portable ultrasound machines

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