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THE BEST woman’s health ultrasound machines

Diagnostic OB/GYN or women’s health ultrasound systems are designed to emphasize 2D image quality but having 4D is an important secondary function. Reliablity and workflow efficient is also very important as this modality tends to see the highest usage, performing more scans a day than just about any other. The Best high-end OB/GYN ultrasound systems are the GE Logiq E9 and the Philips iU22. The Voluson E8 is also an excellent choice but where 4D is not the emphasis and a broader range of studies are done then the Logiq E9 is a better choice. The Logiq E9 is perhaps the most versatile women’s health ultrasound machine available and can do anything and do it well. The Philips iU22 offers similar flexibility and image quality and the differences between GE and Philips workflow are the primary difference between these two as any major feature upgrade added over the years has been quickly matched in a subsequent revision of the other system within a year or two. If 4D is very Important then the Logiq E9 should be your choice. The iU22 is being replaced by the Epiq 5 which may provide better performance but this will likely make the iU22 a better value compared to the Epiq at least in the first few years. KPI rates GE Logiq E9, and the Philips iU22 at top of the “BEST” or high-end OB/GYN ultrasound machine segment.

BETTER woman’s health ultrasound machines:

The “better” women’s health ultrasound systems have mid-level pricing, and feature sets but image quality nearly as good as the high-end models. The Philips HD15 epitomizes this approach by offering the same PureWave single crystal probes used by the more expensive iU22, but losing some of the iU22’s feature set to lower costs. The HD15 ends production in 2014, being replaced by the Affiniti 70, but again a reliable system often becomes an even greater value in the first years after production stops as the price goes down the value increases. KPI will soon have a review of the new Affiniti series. The Samsung UGEO H60 is a surprising mid-range contender that offers very good 2D and 4D image quality with many of the features of the high end Accuvix line at an affordable price. The H60 does not have single crystal design to its probes but could be a better value to a practice needing a high percentage of 4D scans in addition to it’s standard 2D workload. KPI considers both the Philips HD15 and the Samsung UGEO H60 as currently offering the best bang for the buck among mid-range women’s health ultrasound systems.

GOOD woman’s health ultrasound machines

Entry level OB/GYN ultrasound machines are often seen as workhorses that need to emphasize reliability and low cost over features, especially 4D, but that image is changing as more and more ultrasound systems have affordable 4D options that can be added later to expand functionality as budgets allow. The GE Logiq P5 premium is a good example of this with solid 2D image quality a history of reliability, smooth workflow and the option to add a 4D convex probe with GE levels of 4D detail. Certainly there are cheaper models than the P5 premium but the small extra cost delivers a much better experience and value over time. The Alpinion Ecube 7 is from a new brand and has excellent 2D image quality through very high quality probes. Alpinion began by making probes and the result is midrange image quality probes on a system at entry level prices. Like the P5 premium, the Ecube offers a 4D convex probe as an option. Alpinion’s workflow is similar to Medison’s and is far smoother than cheaper brands trying to match it on paper. In a side by side scanning test the Ecube compares well with other premium economy ultrasound systems like the GE Logiq P5 premium, Siemens X300 premium, and Philips ClearVue 550. In the collective opinion of the experts at kpi both the GE Logiq P5 premium and the Alpinion Ecube 7 currently offer the best price to performance ratio in the”GOOD” economy OB/GYN ultrasound segment.

PORTABLE woman’s health ultrasound machines

Portable women’s health ultrasound systems are ubiquitous, and there were a lot of brands and models to choose from, but these 3 stand out as providing console-like image quality and features in a laptop sized form. The Philips CX50 remains the most advanced portable ultrasound system in every category but 4D, which it lacks. It does offer freehand 3D, but the quality of the single crystal probes and the powerful Q-lab set make it the top high-end portable women’s health ultrasound system. If 4D is a must then the most advanced 4D portable is the GE Voluson-i The Voluson-i is the best mid-range portable women’s health ultrasound system with excellent 2D and 4D image quality, and the widest array of 4D transducers availing in a portable. Refurbished BT11 Voluson-i’s are a particularly good value while maintaining most of the newest features. The GE Logiq-e is similar to the Voluson-i, using all the same 2D transducers and giving a wider array of modalities with only the sacrifice of 4D. The Logiq-e is also a good value. It’s not the cheapest economy OB/GYN portable but it has very good 2D image quality and a wide array of probe combined with the smooth GE workflow that is important in women’s health. KPI recommends the Philips CX50, the GE Voluson-i, and the GE Logiq-e as the top values in high-end, mid-range and economy OB/GYN portable ultrasound systems.

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